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Based in Grand Junction, Colo., our club is dedicated to promoting the awesome sport of Pickleball to the communities located on the Western Slope.


UPDATE: Lincoln Park Round Robins

Lincoln Park Round Robins run each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, from 8-11 a.m.. Wednesday is for skill levels 3.5 and lower. Thursday is for skill levels 3.5 and above. And new to the lineup is Fridays, which will only be for 4.0+ players and above. If you are not on the 4.0+ list, you will be asked to play on the public west courts. If you are a visitor, your play will be evaluated for 4.0 status. All RRs are free, open to the public.

Join Mini/Skinny Singles Ladder

Just recognized by USAPA for tournament play, Mini/Skinny Singles is the hottest, one-on-one format utilizing half the court at a time; and definitely much less strenuous than singles. Sign-up for this exciting format’s ladder league. Mini/Skinny Singles is an excellent way to improve your overall game by helping with shot accuracy and consistency. Here are the latest standings.

Mark Your Calendars

For these upcoming events:

June 25-26 — Celtic Fest Pickleball Tournament – Cortez, Colo.
Aug. 20-21 — Carbondale Pickleball Tournament
Aug. 27-28 — W. Colo. Senior Games Pickleball Tournament – Lincoln Park
Sept. 10-11 — Montrose W. Colo. Senior Games Pickleball Tournament – Montrose Rec Center
Sept. 16-18 — Peak to Peak Classic “Rally in the Valley” Tournament – Salida, Colo.
Sept. 30 – Oct. 2W. Slope Pickleball Club Championship Tournament – Lincoln Park

Check your email in-box in coming days for more information.

Lobster Back in Action

The Lobster ball machine has been cleaned and tested, and is ready to go. Reservation calendars are available through the month of July in the shed. The Lobster is available for rent by club members at Lincoln Park for $5 for a 90-minute session. Members wishing to rent the machine must have completed an orientation on the Lobster. Contact Rob at schoeber@bresnan.net for more info.

How Your Dues Are Spent

Have you ever been curious how the annual membership dues we collect are budgeted and spent? All that information can be found HERE. Our board values the importance of transparency and communication, so check it out if numbers and math excite you. NOTE: If you review the FY2022-2023, you will see an expense for $50,000 for court expansion. That is our club’s contribution to the city of GJ for the upcoming court expansion project; and made entirely possibly because of your membership in the WSPC.

Pine Ridge Round Robins

Pine Ridge Round Robins run from 8-11 a.m. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Free to the public. Skill level 3.5 and LOWER. Pine Ridge courts are located at 359 Ridges Blvd. in GJ.

Need Lessons?

Tao and Ed Roffey are both offering private and small group lessons. Visit HERE to get more details.



Now in its 6th year, we have 525 members and growing!
Be a part of our fun, active club and enjoy the many benefits of membership and friendship.