Welcome, Pickleballers!

Based in Grand Junction, Colo., our club is dedicated to promoting the awesome sport of Pickleball to the communities located on the Western Slope.


Registration is Open

2019 Western Colorado Senior Games. Sign-up for pickleball plus other sports like swimming, bocce ball, bowling, track & field, table tennis, disc golf, indoor cycling, and more. Registration closes 5 p.m. Aug. 9. Get registration info HERE, or call GJ Parks & Rec at 970-254-3866.

Need Pickleballs?

Due to a bulk discount the club receives, we are selling at our cost Franklin neon yellow outdoor balls for $18/dozen, or 2 for $3. They normally retail for $27/dozen online. Reach out to George Gerson, WSPC membership director, to make a purchase. We are happy to be able provide this service to our members.

Tao's Lesson Program Update

Tao will NOT be offering private or semi-private lessons in the month of July. He has prior commitments and competing in tournaments. We will let you know about August. Stay tuned to wspcgj.com for more information.

WSPC Big Float 2019

The next WSPC social event is a float down the Colorado River. The 2-3 hour journey takes place Saturday, July 13. We will put in around 12:30 p.m. somewhere in Grand Junction TBD. We will take out at the Loma Boat Ramp and finish the rest of the evening with a BBQ/potluck at Jeff Smith’s place in Mack. Click HERE for more information. 

Mark Your Calendars

For these exciting club events:
WSPC Fall Sweet 16 is Sept. 7;
WSPC Fall Social is Sept. 27;
WSPC Fall Singles Tournament is Oct. 5;
Watch your emails for registration info.

Round Robin Play!

Round Robin Play at Lincoln Park is every Wednesday and Friday from 8-11 a.m. NOTE: Wednesday will be for skill level 3.5 and lower. Friday will be for 3.5 and higher. Meet at the East Courts. Also, Pine Ridge Round Robins are from 9 a.m.-noon and run Tuesday and Thursday. Both days are open to all skill levels. Pine Ridge courts are located at 359 Ridges Blvd. Both are free and open to the public.


Now in its 4th year, we have 300+ members and growing!
Be a part of our fun, active club and enjoy the many benefits of membership and friendship.