Welcome, Pickleballers!

Based in Grand Junction, Colo., our club is dedicated to promoting the awesome sport of Pickleball to the communities located on the Western Slope.


Lincoln Park Round Robins

Lincoln Park Round Robins are Wednesday and Friday, 9 a.m.-noon. Fridays are for 3.5 and higher players and Wednesdays are for 3.5 and lower players. Event is free and open to the public.

Pine Ridge Round Robins

Pine Ridge Round Robins run every Tuesday and Thursday through the end of November. Free to the public; open to all ages, skill levels. (Mostly 3.5 and lower attend this one.) Start time is 9 a.m.; the time will move earlier as it warms up. Pine Ridge courts are located at 359 Ridges Blvd. in GJ.

Benefits to WSPC Membership

Ask not what you can do for our club but what WE can do for you — if you join us. Membership has its privileges.
Check out the list HERE.

Mark Your Calendars

For these exciting upcoming events:
May 8-9 — GJ Regional Pickleball Tournament
May 28-30 — N. Colo. Super Spring Classic Tourney, Loveland, CO
June 5-6 — Montrose Regional Pickleball Tournament
June 12-13 — WSPC Summer Sweet 16s
July 10 — WSPC / Alzheimer’s Assoc. Fundraising Tournament
July 17 — GJ Doubles Duel Pickleball/Golf Tournament 
July 24
— Delta Sweet 16 – mixed doubles
Aug. 28-29 — W. Colo. Senior Games – Pickleball Tourney
Sept. 10-12 — Peak to Peak Pickleball Classic Tourney, Salida, CO
Sept. 11-12 — WSPC Fall Sweet 16s
Sept. 25-26 — Octoberfest Tournament in Delta
Oct. 2-3 — WSPC Championship Tournament
Dec. 11 — WSPC Christmas Party

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WSPC Ladder League 2021

Get the latest standings, or sign up to be on the ladder. Click HERE for sign-up form. It’s free to join for club members ONLY.
We offer women’s, men’s, mixed doubles, singles, and skinny singles ladders.
What is a ladder, you ask? In a pickleball ladder league, teams are arranged like rungs of a ladder. Teams on the ladder can challenge one another to a match. As a team wins or loses, the team moves up or down in position on the pickleball ladder. The goal is to be at the top of the ladder.

Be Aware - Court Closures

Due to multiple parks and recs programs at Lincoln Park, there will be sporadic pickleball court closures throughout the summer. Click HERE to view and download the times and dates and which courts are affected.



Now in its 5th year, we have 350+ members and growing!
Be a part of our fun, active club and enjoy the many benefits of membership and friendship.