WSPC Singles Tournament 2018 Winners

The club held its first ever Singles Tournament April 22, 2018, and what a blast it was! We had 27 players compete in this inaugural event. We watched awesome play, had lots of laughs and saw tired but smiling players when they were done. As always, a huge thanks to the volunteers and referees including George Gerson, Carol Canning, Beth Klein, Jeannie Maraschin, Jeffrey Smith, Maxine Behrman, Joe Egloff, Brenda Furnace, Linda Griffith, Mike Hill, Barry Peterson, Nikki Schmalz and Tao Thongvanh.

3.0/3.5 Women: Nancy Burford (1st), Fran Jessup (2nd), Maxine Behrman (3rd)
4.0/4.5 Women: Hack Jensen (1st), Betty Garrett (2nd), Eileen Egloff (3rd)
3.0 Men: Mike Fortner (1st), Jim Goetz (2nd), Jim Craig (3rd)
3.5 Men: Tim Brower (1st), John Jessup (2nd), Rich Garrett (3rd)
4.0/4.5 Men: Boonmy Sabandit (1st), Sydney Hays (2nd), Mike Cox (3rd)

WSPC Club Tournament 2018 Pickleball Winners

The club’s annual members-only tournament was held Saturday, April 7, at Lincoln Park Pickleball complex. So much pickleball bonding and fun were had. And the weather was amazing! A special thank you to our tournament volunteers, without whom we could not have a tournament: Nancy Burdette, Carol Canning, Judy Fairchild, Gayle Gerson, George Gerson, Jeannie Maraschin, Evie McBride and Jeffrey Smith. Also thanks to those who refereed our Gold and Bronze matches: Maxine Behrman, Mike Cox, Eileen Egloff, Rich Garrett, George Gerson, Linda Griffith, Michael King and Rick Marion.

2.5 Women: Heather Rowland/Kathy Valvoda (1st), Monika Kostron/Pam Nicholls (2nd), Penny Frankhouser/Christy Pfost (3rd).
3.0 Women: Alecia Gordon/Mary Kusak (1st), Linda Reeves/Cheryl Reigle (2nd), Janice Koppaing/Suzanne Jacox (3rd).
3.5 Women: Debra Newlin/Sue Goebels (1st), Wand Robinson/Beth Klein (2nd), Denise Libbert/Maureen Beyer (3rd)
4.0 Women: Eileen Egloff/Aiaga Roffey (1st), Betty Garrett/Peggy Mewes (2nd), Maxine Behrman/Nancy Burford (3rd)
4.5 Women: Hack Jensen/Nikki Schmaltz (1st), Brenda Furnace/Linda Griffith (2nd), Terry Doherty/May Liang (3rd).
2.5 Men: Bill McEnteer/Dick Perkins (1st)
3.0 Men: Greg Bilger/Guido Schulte (1st), Doug Beyer/Jim Goetz (2nd), Gary Gordon/Bob Maloney (3rd)
3.5 Men: John Jessup/Tom Marcotte (1st), Jerry Daub/Dean Goebel (2nd), Roger Foster/Joe Bechtel (3rd)
4.0 Men: Curt Hansen/Dan Oliver (1st), Al Laurette/Mike Leatherby (2nd), Bruce Gregg/Chris Kopanos (3rd)
4.5 Men: Paul Liang/Boonmy Sabandit (1st), Joel Karr/Jed Pettit (2nd), Nate Baker/Chris McGlade (3rd)

WSPC Pickleball Clinics

Holding clinics is part of our club’s mission to promote and teach the great sport of pickleball to the community.
WSPC and the City of Grand Junction Parks and Rec held two clinics (beginner and intermediate) Saturday, April 14, at Pine Ridge pickleball courts on the Redlands. About 40 eager learners participated. WSPC board member George Gerson was the lead instructor, but he couldn’t do it alone. A big thank you to his volunteer helpers: Maureen Beyer, Terry Douchant, Linda Griffith, and Bruce Gregg.

WSPC and the City of Grand Junction Parks and Rec held a morning beginner’s pickleball clinic and an afternoon intermediate pickleball clinic Tuesday, Feb. 6, at Lincoln Park courts. Both clinics were sold out.

Wherever We Are, We Have Fun

WSPC members are a tight-knit group and we have fun no matter where we are; but truthfully, we have the most fun playing pickleball.
This gallery is dedicated to our friendship and fun-ship.