Wherever We Are, We Have Fun

WSPC members are a tight-knit group and we have fun no matter where we are.
This gallery is dedicated to our friendship and fun-ship.

Parade of Lights – 2017

Our fabulous WSPC float was entered in the Downtown Parade of Lights (Dec. 2) and the Fruita Parade of Lights (Dec. 9). Club members worked tirelessly to make it happen and it came out spectacular. The crowds loved it and it was huge exposure for the club.

Sweet 16s – Fall 2017 

Two Sweet 16 Events were held in Fall 2017 for WSPC club members. One on Sept. 16 and one on Oct. 14.

W. Slope Senior Games 2017 – Pickleball Tourney

The West Slope Senior Games featured 57 events and more than 230 competitors. Of those 230, 110 of them played in the Pickleball tournament.
We had competitors from Delta, Glenwood, Buena Vista/Salida, Steamboat, Colorado Springs and more. 

Women’s Doubles 3.0 Results: Gold – Barb McNally and Dee Markus; Silver – Terry Hotz and Jeannie Pippin; Bronze – Sherry Smith and Liz Hochevar
Women’s Doubles 3.5 Results: Gold – Jana Donohue & Maxine Behrman; Silver – Darlene Gregory & Terry Doherty; Bronze – Darlene Friedrichs & Ruby Osberg
Women’s Doubles 4.0 Results: Gold – Katrina Stein/ Deanie Nelson; Silver – Nikki Schmalz & Judy Fairchild; Bronze – Jana Donohue & Betty Garrett
Women’s Doubles 4.5 Results: Gold – Brenda Furnace & Linda Griffith; Silver – Kathy Evers & Stephanie McDonald
Men’s Doubles 3.0 Results: Gold – Alan Leach and Dave Robertson; Verne Smith and Tim Brower; Bronze – Rick Trask and Larry Oliver
Men’s Doubles 3.5 Results: Gold – Jack McTavish & Richard Stovall; Silver – Mike Hansen & George Gerson; Bronze – Jerry Daub & Lee Lindauer
Men’s Doubles 4.0 Results: Gold – Jim Egan & John Ahern; Silver – Walter Cummings & Corey Elliott; Bronze – Alan Laurette & Mike Leatherby
Men’s Doubles 4.5 Results: Gold – Mike Cox & Ed Roffey; Silver – Jerry Hays & Joel Karr; Bronze – Boonmy Sabandit & Mike King
Mixed Doubles 3.0 Results:  Gold – Sharon and Art Bruner; Silver – Jeannie Pippin and John Myrtle; Bronze – Dana Sullivan and Barry Peterson
Mixed Doubles 3.5 Results: Gold – Darlene Gregory & Dana Gregory; Silver – Terry Doherty & Jim Pearson; Bronze – Darlene Friedrichs & Jim Reynolds
Mixed Doubles 4.0 Results: Gold – Bruce Jensen & Hack Jensen; Silver – Kathy Evers & Rob Robinson; Bronze – Linda Griffith & Chris Kopanos
Mixed Doubles 4.5 Results: Gold – Syndey Hays & Mike Cox; Silver – Nikki Schmalz & Boonmy Sabandit; Bronze – Stephanie McDonald & Darren Sisson

Pickleball During the Eclipse

A fun group of dedicated picklers came prepared to play and view the solar eclipse Aug. 21, 2017. Grand Junction experienced 87% of totality at 11:40 a.m. (Hack and Bruce are under the welding masks.)

WSPC Social Potluck Party • Aug. 5, 2017

The well-attended event, which featured the club’s first-ever silent auction fundraiser, was held at the home of Jana and Don Donohue. There was great food, great friends and great pickleball, because, yes, they have their own private court.


Western Slope Open 2017 Pickleball Winners

Several WSPC members took honors at the annual Western Slope Open Tennis and Pickleball Tournament.

Women’s Doubles 3.0 Results:  Gold – Peggy Byers/Pat Xayavong; Silver – Lori Harper/Linda Reeves; Bronze – Linda Hansen/Terry Holtz

Women’s Double 4.0 Results:  Gold – Brenda Furnace/Nikki Schmalz; Silver – Jana Donohue/Maxine Behrman; Bronze – Robin Santoro/Max Liang
Men’s Doubles 3.0 Results:  Gold – Dave Robertson/Stan Gress; Silver – Kelly Messamer/Jim Shults; Bronze – Jim Mense/Jim Craig
Men’s Doubles 3.5 Results:  Gold – Mike Hanson/George Gerson; Silver – Lee Lindauer/Brian Hart; Bronze – Rick Marion/Phil Yeaton
Men’s Doubles 4.0 Results:  Gold – Walt Cummings/Jim Egan; Silver – John Ahern/Chris Kopanos; Bronze – Jerry Santoro/Steve Smith
Mixed Doubles 3.0 Results:  Gold – Tom Woodward/Pat Mason; Silver – Jeannie Pippin/Jim Mense; Bronze – Jim Shults/Deb Shults
Mixed Doubles 3.5 Results:  Gold – George Gerson/Maxine Behrman; Silver – Jana Donohue/Lee Lindauer; Bronze – Wendy Babbit/Rick Marion
Mixed Doubles 4.0 Results:  Gold – Jim Egan/May Liang; Silver – Judy Fairchild/John Ahern; Bronze – Robin Santoro/Jerry Santoro

Evening at the Ballpark

Several WSPC members attended a Grand Junction Rockies baseball game on June 21, 2017. Unfortunately, the home team lost.


Thank You, Joe Parnell!

A big thank you to Joe Parnell, who hand-built and engraved the two wooden benches at the Lincoln Park East courts as a gift of thanks to our pickleball community for being so welcoming. Joe is originally from Ohio, living in Alaska and currently touring the lower 48 in his “home/van.” He spent a couple weeks in April 2017 playing pickleball at Lincoln Park.

WSPC Margarita Mixer

WSPC held a “Pickleball & Margarita” Mixer June 2, 2017, at Dos Hombres.


2017 WSPC Annual Members Meeting

The annual Membership Meeting was held June 1, 2017, at Lincoln Park Barn.
WSPC’s membership year runs from June 1st to May 31st.