Paddle Review


Product: Selkirk Sport Latitude Widebody pickleball paddle
Brenda Furnace, WSPC president
Date: 9/25/17

I recently had the opportunity to try out the new Selkirk Sport Latitude Widebody paddle. The color scheme of the paddle I used was very appealing with a combination of purples, pinks, yellow and oranges. The grip was very comfortable and the paddle felt well balanced.

in playing with the paddle I found it to be a combination of power as well as control/touch. I feel having the versatility of power and control made it a very easy paddle to transition from a hard game to a soft game and back. I liked that it was very effective in execution of the shot I wanted to make as well as placing the ball where I wanted to put it.

This paddle is best suited for a player who is trying to fine tune his/her game regardless of skill level. You have power when needed for drives and overhead smashes and getting into that soft game is accomplishable.

This paddle is slightly wider than the paddle I was using prior to taking the Latitude Widebody paddle out to play with. It is a Composite with Polymer Honeycomb Core. It was a delight to play with. I soon found myself dinking, serving, volleying, smashing and drop shots with confidence. The paddle felt like a natural extension of my arm and my opponents commented that my play was certainly on. It was a delight to be privileged to play with such a fun paddle.

Other players that tried out the paddle commented that it had plenty of power to drive the ball and were happy to have been able to play with it.

In exchange for an honest review, Pickleball Central donated two of these demo paddles to the club. I would like to thank Pickleball Central for providing the demo paddles for our club to try out and experience.

We are thinking about utilizing the paddles for our community outreach program and/or for a special prize in an upcoming club tournament.

We will definitely make sure it will be utilized for the most worthwhile project. Thanks choosing our club for this opportunity.

Brenda Furnace
President, Western Slope Pickleball Club