Grand Junction Tournament “Move-Up” Rule


Updated Jan. 20, 2018


Rule:  A tournament winner, of any event held in Grand Junction (mixed or same-sex), must play at the next higher level in all events entered in the following calendar year in Grand Junction. A player may appeal the ruling by providing the reasoning as to why he or she should not have to move up. The appeal will be heard by a three-player committee composed of Tao Thongvanh, Mike Cox, and George Gerson. If, after moving up to the next level, a player believes that he/she is not competitive, another appeal may be filed requesting to be moved back down.
Reason:  To keep players from playing below their skill level.
History:  Enforcement began with winners of tournaments in 2015. In the two years of tournaments that the rule has been enforced (2015 and 2016), a total of 105 gold medals have been awarded (a number of players have earned more than one). About a dozen appeals have been heard; all have been granted.


Date Ratified:  At a held June 14, 2017, the Western Slope Pickleball Club Board of Directors discussed and unanimously voted to approve the “tournament move-up rule” that was put in place by Grand Junction Parks and Recreation in 2015 for tournaments held in Grand Junction.


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