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Ladder Standings

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Mini/Skinny Singles

• Teams can challenge/play multiple games per week. No limit on the amount of challenges per week.
• Report game results ASAP – no later than 5 p.m. on Sunday.
• Report singles ladder results to Walter Cummings —
• Report mini/skinny singles ladder results to Joyce Gilligan —


How It Works

Ladder Divisions: Singles and Mini/Skinny Singles,

To join a ladder, players must complete the sign-up sheet and identify a teammate if playing in doubles. This is a club members-only ladder league. There is no cost to join/play. Players must be willing to have their contact information shared via a player directory with other members on the ladder. Players are only allowed to appear on each ladder once; having multiple partners within the same ladder is not allowed.

Ladder Positions
New teams/players will start at the bottom of the ladder; the Ladder Committee can approve exceptions to this rule. Movement up or down the ladder will be based on reported game results or forfeiture rules.

In doubles, players are allowed to change partners, but newly formed teams will be moved to the bottom of the ladder.

Ladder Management Team
Direct all your questions and sign-up sheets to:
• Singles ladder — Walter Cummings  —
• Mini/Skinny Singles ladder — Joyce Gilligan —

General Ladder Rules
1. Unlimited challenges per week. Keep it within reason, however.
2. Teams can only challenge up the ladder by a maximum of four (4) positions. If playing in the singles ladder, six (6) positions.
3. Teams should make best efforts to schedule games at a time that works for all players.
4. Every effort should be made to schedule games as soon as possible.
5. Weekly game results/forfeits must be reported to the ladder manager no later than Sunday at 5 p.m. If reported late, ladder positions will not change.
6. The winning team/player of a match retains its ladder position or replaces opponent in the event of an upset. Upset team/player will move down the ladder one position.
7. Only active WSPC members are allowed to join the ladder.
8. Inactive teams should request removal from the ladder; reports of extended inactivity will result in removal from the ladder by ladder manager.

Challenge Rules
1. Challenges can be made at any time within reason.
2. Teams/players must respond to any challenge within one week or position on ladder will be forfeited. If a team/player has already accepted a challenge then that needs to be relayed to the challenging team.
3. It is acceptable to refuse a challenge when a game has been scheduled for the week. This needs to be communicated to the challenging team.

Game Rules
1. Format — Best 2 out of 3 games played to 11, win by 2 points. If there is a 3rd game switch court sides at 6.
2. Flip a coin to determine determine which team may choose side, serve or receive, or abstain and the losers of the toss may then make the choice.
3. Players cannot monopolize a court for all three games if other players are waiting to play. Courts may be rented at the Parks and Recreation Office for $5.00 per hour if teams so desire.

Forfeit Rule:
1. Failing to respond to a challenge within one week.
2. Inability to schedule a game within one week, regardless of reason (vacation, illness, injury, etc.).
3. Absences or game no-shows.