Answers to common questions we get all the time!
Do you have a lost and found?

YES! Boy, do we ever.

There is a lock box at Lincoln Park and Pineridge courts. Please deposit any found items in the lock box.

Large items that don’t fit into the box, like an umbrella, are usually taken home by a WSPC member for safe-keeping and an email goes out to members looking for its owner.

If you lost an item, check the lock box.

If you don’t know the lock-box combination, check out the next question in the FAQ or contact us here.

Once a month, unclaimed items are donated to Goodwill.

What's the combination on the lock box at the courts?

At Lincoln Park Pickleball Courts

Squeegees: PLAY
East lock box: PLAY2
West lock box: PLAY

At Pineridge Pickleball Courts

Squeegees: PLAY
Lock box: BALL
Nets: FIAT (both nets)

For more information, contact us here.

Is Tao (our local pickleball pro) going to do another intensive clinic or does Tao give private lessons?

Tao is considering giving another intensive clinic to those who were on the waiting list for the first one.

He is also considering giving private lessons in the future for WSPC members. Members will be given a reduced price for the lessons. When Tao makes a decision on these issues, we will post the information on the website.

Are WSPC board meetings open for general membership to attend?

YES!  Check this site for the dates of upcoming WSPC board meetings. If you would like to get on the agenda, please send us a message through the contact form on this site or email George Gerson, our club’s communications director.

How do I choose the right pickleball paddle?

There are so many options and so many choices of paddles. It can be overwhelming. Click HERE to read this handy guide to help make that decision.

What is the super-secret promo code to get a discount at PickleballCentral.com?

The website is www.PickleballCentral.com.

Use CRWestern when you check out and receive a 5% discount. An additional 5% is also given to the club.